Friday, 2 November 2012

Pretty and Polished Day Trippin'

Here is Day Trippin for the the floating polish group!
It took two coats to be fully opaque in the purple, but still not opace on the pink.
If you can stand it, it is easier to do it when your hands are cold and you can see the purple.
I really like how it looks when just the tips are purple I waved my hand in the freezer to get this effect.
with flash
 without flash
with flash
 without flash

Friday, 19 October 2012

Green Jelly Sandwich Mani

Here is the finished Mani with flash.
Here is the colors I used
Ulta Limelight Orly Monster Mash and Wet and Wild Fergie New Years Kiss
The Ulta took three coats and was really hard to work with.
The Monster Mash I dd the dabbing methond to spread the glitter and it seemed to work pretty well but I used a ton of polish doing it that way. 
The New Years Kiss was a dream! It went on smooth and just calmed that Monster Mash Down and really brought the whole thing together. I think I am going to be using that one a lot!!

Here is a pic of just my thumb
So here is my first blog, next time I will take more step by step pics. 
Here is a bunch of pics that I took outside, some have flash some not.

added orange glitter to the tips pinky is hiding cuz of an infection.